Apple WWDC Announcements

Apple WWDC Announcement

Apple WWDC Announcement: 15″ MacBook air

In 2023 June 5th Apple WWDC announcements, Apple introduced 15″ MacBook air two days back in WWDC23. Its astonishingly thin and light. Also its incredibly solid and durable. Its only 11.5 mm thin and that makes it as the world’s thinnest 15-inch laptop. Its easy to carry around at just over three pounds. It features magSafe charging, two thunderbolts ports and headphone jack for versatile connectivity. It comes in four gorgeous finishes including midnight and startlight. The Air has brilliant Liquid Retina display with an expansive 15.3″ screen thats surrounded by thin 5mm border. With up to 500 nits of brightness and support for 1 billion colors everything looks remarkably rich and vibrant. It has a great 1080p camera for video calls along with a three-mic array. This new 15″ air has six speakers including force-cancelling woofers. It delivers immersive Spatial Audio. All of this is delivered by M2 chip which delivers amazing performance and battery life.

Apple WWDC Announcement: 15" MacBook air

The new Air is 12 times faster than the fastest intel-based MacBook Air. It gets an astonishing 18 hour battery life. When compared to the best-selling 15-inch PC laptop with a Core-i7 processor, MacBook Air twice as fast. Its display is twice the resolution 25% brighter. Even with better performance and display, you still get up to 50% more battery life than on PC. When it comes to design the Air is nearly 40% thinner and half a pound lighter than the PC. Its fan-less design runs completely silent.

Price starts from $1299 and for education its $1199

Apple WWDC Announcement: Mac Studio

Another big thing in Apple WWDC announcement was Mac Studio getting immensely capable with M2 Max. Developer can build new versions of apps at warp speed, with up to 25% faster performance than M1 Max. Motion graphic designers using After Effects can render up to 50% faster than M1 Max. Mac Studio with M2 Max is four times faster than the most powerful intel based iMac.

Apple WWDC Announcement: Mac Studio

Introduced final chip to the M2 family: M2 Ultra. Its made by connecting two M2 Max chip die together with ground breaking UltraFusion architecture. It doubles the performance of M2 Max. The 24-Core CPU in M2 Ultra delivers 20% faster performance than M1 Ultra. Its 76-Core GPU is 30% faster than M1 Ultra. Finally, the 32-Core neural engine is 40% faster. M2 Ultra can support an enormous 192 unified memory, which is 50% more than M1 Ultra. M2 Ultra is bringing to Mac Studio. Compared to Mac Studio with M1 Ultra, colourists using DaVinci Resolve, will see up to 50% faster video processing than before. 3D artists using Octane can now render up to 3 times faster. With M2 Ultra’s Media Engine, video editors can playback a mind-blowing 22 streams of 8K ProRes video. Mac Studio with M2 Ultra is 6 times faster than the most powerful intel-based iMac.

For Connectivity, Mac Studio now has higher bandwidth HDMI enabling up to 8K resolution and 240-hertz frame rates. With M2 Ultra, Mac Studio can support an incredible six Pro Display XDRs driving over 100 million pixels.

Apple WWDC Announcement: iOS 17

Release about ios17 is another big new in Apple WWDC announcement. New iOS delivers more expressive communication, simplified sharing, more intelligent input and all new experiences for iPhone. Major updates are to the three apps: Phone, FaceTime and Messages. In Phone app with Personalised Contact posters, you get to customize exactly how you are represented when you give people a call. Another feature is Live Voicemail. With Live Voicemail feature you will be able to see the voicemail right on your screen.

Apple WWDC Announcement: iOS 17

FaceTime gets big update with iOS 17. Now, when you call someone on FaceTime and they are not available, you will be able to leave a message. In Message app the following features are added: Search filters, Catch-up, Swipe to reply, audio message transcriptions, Inline location and Check-in. AirDrop gets some enhancements and with this update to share the contact to another person we can use NameDrop. With NameDrop you can just bring your phones close together. You will be able to see the contact posters and then you can chose the phone number and email address that you want to share.

iOS brings big updates to the intelligence in the keyboard that improve the experience every time you type. Journal a brand new app coming to iPhone later this year. Journal will be a great way to preserve rich and powerful memories and practise gratitude. Another new feature coming to iPhone which is updated in Apple WWDC announcement is StandBy. Just by turning the phone on its side while charging, you get a new full screen experience with glanceable information designed to be viewed at a distance. StandBy is perfect for nightstand, kitchen counter or desk. iOS 17 has many more features, including the ability to simply say “Siri” to activate Siri. You can issue back-to-back commands without needing to say “Siri” again.

Apple WWDC Announcement: iPadOS 17

Apple WWDC Announcement: iPadOS 17

Widgets and Lock Screen gets updated with new features. Now widgets made interactive. You can make action directly in the widgets without opening any app. You will be able to customize the lock screen with wide range of wall papers. Also widgets can be added in the lock screen. Health app is coming in iPadOS 17. PDFs gets major update with iPadOS. Fields in PDFs will be filled automatically and you can use it for live collaboration.

Apple WWDC Announcement: MacOS Sonoma

In Apple WWDC announcement a new version of MacOs introduced: MacOS Sonoma

  • Stunning new screen savers.
  • Widgets – Able to bring widgets to desktop.
  • Gaming – Game mode prioritise games on CPU and GPU.
  • Death Stranding Director’s Cut game in MacOS later this year(from Kojima).
  • Video Conference – Presenter Overlay, Add Reaction, Trigger effects with gestures – Works with Zoom, WebEx, Teams, FaceTime and many more.
  • Safari – Locks browser window, Blocks trackers from loading, Removes URL trackers, Profiles, Web Apps

Apple WWDC Announcement: AirPods, AirPlay & AppleTV

Apple WWDC Announcement: AirPods, AirPlay & AppleTV
  • Adaptive Audio – Dynamically blends transparency and active noise cancellation to match the conditions of your surroundings.
  • Personalised volume.
  • Improved AirPods automatic switching experience across the ecosystem.
  • AirPlay support in hotels.
  • FaceTime coming to AppleTV.

Apple WWDC Announcement: Watch OS 10

Apple WWDC Announcement: Watch OS 10
  • Turn the digital crown to reveal widgets in a smart stack.
  • Long press to add a widget to the smart stack.
  • Dynamic background colour for World Clock.
  • Cycling features.
  • Can log your state of mind
  • Can measure the amount of time spent in daylight.

Apple WWDC Announcement: Vision Pro

Apple WWDC Announcement Vision Pro

Major update in Apple WWDC announcement was Vision Pro. Vision Pro is a new kind of computer that augments reality by seamlessly blending the real world with the digital world. Its the first Apple product that you look through and not at. You can see, hear and interact with digital content just like its in your physical space. you control Vision Pro using the most natural and intuitive tools: your eyes, hands and voice. With Vision Pro, you are no longer limited to your display. Your Surroundings become an infinite canvas. Use your apps anywhere and make them any size you want. Capture photos and videos and relive your most important memories in an entirely new way. Watch your movies, sports and shows and immerse yourself in games on a giant screen surrounded by Spatial Audio. Connect with people as if you are sharing the same space.

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