How To Write Your First Python 3 Program

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You must install Python 3 and configure the programming environment on your computer or server. If you have not already configured a programming environment, you can refer to the installation and configuration instructions for a local programming environment or a server-based programming environment tailored to your operating system ( Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, etc.)

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Writing the “Hello, World!” Program

  1.  Create a new folder called helloworld.
  2.  Launch the VS code and open the helloworld folder.
  3.  Create a new file and enter the following code and save the file:

print(‘Hello, World!’)

The print() is a built-in function that displays a message on the screen. In this example, it’ll show the message 'Hello, Word!'.

Executing the Python Hello World program

To execute the file, you first launch the Command Prompt on Windows or Terminal on macOS or Linux. Then, navigate to the helloworld folder.

After that, type the following command to execute the file:


If you use macOS or Linux, you use python3 command instead:


If everything is fine, you’ll see the following message on the screen:

Hello, World!

If you use VS Code, you can also launch the Terminal within the VS code by:

  • Accessing the menu Terminal > New Terminal
  • Or using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+`.

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